Matt Dusk

Another album from an artist that made an appearance at this year's International Jazz Festival. It seems as if Canada is churning out male crooners by the dozens! Matt Dusk is like the poorer cousin of Michael Buble. He sings the same style of songs but without that extra pizzazz that Buble has. This is not to say that Dusk does not have talent because he does. He is just working out of the rather large shadow cast by his compatriot. Dusk has a decent voice but there is nothing extraordinary about it or the music he chooses to record. This his second album is a mix of old and new songs. What is refreshing about Dusk is that he does not choose the 'obvious' songs to record. It is not necessarily the most known standards on his albums but ones that fit with his voice and image. He wears those tailored suits all the time and his songs are very 'tailored' as well. There is also a little more of a range on this album with a mix of jazz, folk and swing music. If you liked his first album then you definitely should check out "Back In Town".

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