Mother Teresa

Actress Olivia Hussey seems to enjoy taking on the roles of our most iconic females ever in history. Roughly 30 years ago she played the Virgin Mary in a film and now she is Mother Teresa. She surely does not shy away from controversial or difficult roles, does she! Hussey's performance brings forth the simplicity, tenacity, strong faith, and determination of the most revered woman of the 20th century. A weak point of the film is its editing. It is an Italian production that was shot in English, but the international version has been severely edited in comparison to the Italian version and it definitely shows. It is quite rough in sections. The dialogue also leaves a little to be desired in parts as well. Due to the vignette style that director Fabrizio Costa has used it sometimes glosses over events or seems to quickly go through them without any rhyme or reason. We are left wanting more of an insight into the woman or at least some explanations about why she acted the way she did. A strong point in the film is the fact that they do not back away from the controversial events during this woman's life. These things are met head on. The film was shot in Sri Lanka and Rome and is beautiful to look at in sections. We never disbelieve that this is nothing more than an homage to this great woman while watching it though. Watching it you are definitely inspired by what this one woman was able to accomplish in her lifetime due to her unwavering belief in God.

This is the story of Mother Teresa, the smart and unrelenting religious woman who fought for the poor and sick throughout her life on Earth. Beginning as a member of the Missionaries of Charity in India. She becomes a astute diplomat in order to gain the advances and help she needs for those she fights for. Mother Teresa does not stop fighting where others have long given up and makes us remember those that we have 'forgotten'. Her struggles led to occurrences that have been accepted by some as miracles. This constant battle for the downtrodden made her a revered woman who won the Noble Peace Prize. Mother Teresa's faith in God is what prodded her on during all her battles and kept her tireless. She becomes recognized worldwide for her acts of charity, as a loved humanitarian and as a symbol of goodwill. This is a voyage through the events of this great woman's life.

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