Road House 2

As the first installment of this movie was not an Oscar-quality flick (I know, despite the fact that Patrick Swayze was in it), you cannot really expect the sequel to be much better, now can you? Well, if you go into this film with that mindset it definitely will live up to your expectations. I don't know what gets into people's minds when they think they are going to take a bad film and make a sequel out of it. Are they stubborn enough to think that they can do better? While the first Road House was cheesy and slightly painful in parts it was in some strange way entertaining in that mindless kind of way. Road House 2 definitely does not have that going for it. Part of the problem with this film is the script, which was co-written by lead actor Johnathan Schaech. It is full of bad dialogue, predictable plot and some holes big enough for me to jump into (how did Patrick Swayze's character die?, why does Shane have a different last name than his father?,etc,). The fact that it uses lines right out of the original film does not come off as a tribute but rather a way to fill up time screen because the writers are out of ideas and want to make that magical 90 minute mark. On the positive side, the fight scenes are not bad and once again there might be a legion of males who want to become bouncers due to the apparent glamour associated with the job. Schaech is fairly believable in the physical aspects of the role; it is the saying his lines parts that prove to be tricky for him. Jake Busey is a little over-the-top as the baddie and there are some gratuitous female on female in a hot tub scenes, but I'm sure I will be the only one to complain about that.

Shane Tanner (Johnathan Schaech – That Thing You Do!, How to Make an American Quilt) works as an undercover agent for the DEA in New York City. He is a successful agent who has had his hand in many arrests, but he has never been able to get the 'big' guys. His uncle Nate (Will Patton – The Mothman Prophecies, Gone in Sixty Seconds) runs The Black Pelican bar in Louisiana and he is being pressured to sell his place to local drug runner, Wild Bill (Jake Busey – Enemy of the State, Twister). After his uncle Nate is put in the hospital due to a run in with Wild Bill and his boys, Shane leaves New York to come to Louisiana to help run the bar. The Black Pelican is known statewide for its rough and tumble clientele who are always getting into bar fights. The reason Wild Bill wants to own the place is that it is located in the ideal location (on the water) to run drugs out of. Wild Bill is desperate to make a move into the big time and will do anything to get his hands on The Black Pelican. Once Shane takes over the day-to-day operation of The Black Pelican he realizes that the drug ring is bigger than he thought. With help from a secretive blonde beauty and some of his New York buddies in the DEA, Shane goes about trying to make the 'big' bust while saving his uncle's bar.

Special Features:
-Previews of Freedomland, Hollow Man 2, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and Ultraviolet

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