The Adored

Sounding a lot like a band out of the British punk scene of the 1970s, The Adored hail from L.A. Their sound on their first full-length album (they have previously released an EP) is a mixture of punk and pop music. In what may be the kiss of death, L.A. Continue Reading

Every Move A Picture

The first track on this album sounds eerily like old U2 (from like the "War" era) and then the second tune sounds a lot like 80s British New Wave. Keeping us on our toes they are. Upon further listens you will realize that it is the Edge-like guitar work that Continue Reading

The Fever

Sophomore album from this New York City band and they seemed to have completely changed in between recordings. Not only because their original guitarist left the band but also their sound. The album is an emotional and sonic roller coaster and I don't mean quality-wise. It sounds a little like Continue Reading

Roman Candle

Because their original label folded the debut album by Roman Candle sat around for a while. Now it has been remixed and is finally being released. They are from the southern United States and kinda fit into the same sound mold as Blue Rodeo as they play a mixture of Continue Reading