The Sleeping

The future looks bright for this band! As a band they have all the elements required for success, including a singer with a good voice and range, masterful guitar playing, and interesting bass and drum performances. They are a fairly young band that seems to grow more comfortable with themselves Continue Reading

Dashboard Confessional

Don't be confused by the group sounding name. Dashboard Confessional is a solo male performer named Chris Carrabba. Dashboard Confessional has been hanging around with some esteemed people. He toured with U2 a couple of years ago and this album was co-produced by Canadian Daniel Lanois. Not too shabby company! Continue Reading

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats (out of Toronto) are one of those bands whose shows are always well attended even though they have not had the benefit of a label released full-length album yet. They are a band in the true spirit of punk who have not sold out to the man in Continue Reading