Day 4 of Competition at World Outgames 2006

The last thing most of us were thinking about on a day that reached in the mid-40s Celsius (temperature-wise) was doing anything athletic. That was not a luxury that the athletes competing in the Outgames could afford. Despite the incredible humidity they were out doing their best in their particular sports. They all should be applauded for what they did as I found it hard to even just sit outside and watch them.

I began my day inside the air-conditioned confines of Centre Claude Robillard watching some men's volleyball. Once again the skill level was quite high and there were some tight battles, including one which saw a team from Mexico lose after they had survived a see saw 27-27 battle only to fall 8-4 in a first team to 8 overtime. I then moved outside to brave the heat to watch some Track and Field. The triple jump competition was happening and the heat was taking its toll on the athletes. Many collapsed in the sand after their jumps and there were a few injuries due to fatigue from the heat. One competitor from the United States even decided that the heat was too much for him and forfeited the rest of his jumps as he could not continue. On days like this the organizers should really have made more water available to the competitors. Going back indoors, I then took in a men's water polo competition opposing a team from Sydney, Australia against one from Melbourne, Australia. We all know how strong the Aussies are in the water and this was an entertaining game with the team from Sydney winning 9-3. The last event I took in at Claude Robillard was a woman's softball game opposing two teams from England. One of the English teams was winning 16-2 in the 5th inning so obviously it was a bit of a one-sided affair, but that did not stop the two teams from having a good time.

I then went on to the Olympic pool to watch some of the synchronized swimming. The solo competition was just wrapping up when I got there, so I just saw the medal ceremony for that. Next up was the duo competition. What was interesting about it and I am sure unique to the Outgames was the fact that the duos could be any combination of the two sexes (male-female, female-female, male-male). It was interesting to watch the performances of the male-female and male-male partnerships, which is something you do not get at the Olympics. These competitors also had some innovative, colourful costumes and used peppy upbeat music (AC/DC, The Weather Girls, etc.). The crowd of roughly 200 people really got into it clapping along and gave the winning duo (a pair of women from The Netherlands) a standing ovation. It definitely was a fun ending to another enjoyable day of competition.

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