Once you put on this album there is no way you can be in a bad mood after listening to it. India.Arie has the talent to make it seem like you are protected and cheered by the mere sound of her songs. She has an incredible knack for mixing heavy subjects (God, apartheid, body image, etc.) with catchy rhythms to make music that is somehow uplifting to listen to. She also reaps the benefits of that sunny, rich, full voice of hers. The instrumentation on the album is simple and clear just like her voice. On the album there is guest vocals by rapper Akon and a cover of a Don Henley tune, showing her wide range of interests. Hers is also a wide talent in that on any song you can hear R&B, hip hop, country, blues, gospel, or soul influences. The woman seems able to do anything she puts her heart and soul to.

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