The Mr. Moto Collection, Vol. 1

Despite all the legitimate complaints about this series being blatantly racist (a white actor portraying a Japanese character, stereotypes about Asians, etc.), there can still be an argument made about its entertainment value. The good tends to outweigh the bad. The hero or protagonist of the series is an extremely Continue Reading


What might upset their longtime fans is the fact that AFI I is becoming more of a band that might be played on heavy rotation on Muchmusic rather than one that resides on the fringes of the music industry. In the beginning their music was popular with fans of punk Continue Reading

Corrine Bailey Rae

While listening to this vocalist you will feel as if you are traveling through time and place. Her voice and style sounds like it is from another era. Billie Holiday…Erykah Badu…Jill Scott… The music that Corrine Bailey Rae produces will never go out of style. This Brit has a background Continue Reading

The Waterboys

You cannot say that this band has been together since 1981 because singer Mike Scott has been the only constant member, everyone else has changed. The Waterboys started off as a punk band then evolved into many things along the way. Originally recorded in 1988, Fisherman's Blues finds The Waterboys Continue Reading