Corrine Bailey Rae

While listening to this vocalist you will feel as if you are traveling through time and place. Her voice and style sounds like it is from another era. Billie Holiday…Erykah Badu…Jill Scott… The music that Corrine Bailey Rae produces will never go out of style. This Brit has a background in gospel choir music but she has definitely found her home in R&B and soul music. Her voice does not overpower but it is honey drenched in its soft tones. She makes it sound as if singing is no effort for her. This multi-talented artist not only has a whisper smooth voice but she has also written or co-wrote most of the songs on the album and she plays several different instruments on it as well. Unlike many young female performers today the album is full of class and sensuality rather than over-the-top sexuality. It is a perfect album to play on a rainy afternoon and soak in its ambiance.

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