New Classical Theatre Festival

For roughly one month two of the best English-language acting troupes in Montreal will be holding a theatre festival and presenting 5 different plays. Gravy Bath Productions and the Montreal Young Company will both present works which demonstrate the kind of originality, quality and talent that theatre in Montreal has to offer. In this festival there are no limits placed on the subjects covered, style, language, or format of the plays. The only limits are the writer's imaginations, the director's innovations and the actor's talent. Come out and see a theatre festival that will force you to expand your mind…and you will have a good time doing it!

Last Call is a one-woman story involving drugs, sex and alcohol starring Holly O'Brien. This is a tale of a woman who has lost control and each moment could be her 'last call'. Through this drunk we are asked to see our own potential for weak moments and disaster. Gross Indecency; The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde has the famous Irish writer/poet in court as the accused and the accuser. The works and personal life of Oscar Wilde are on trial and open to be dissected and discussed. As it is based on actual court transcripts the importance and relevance of the play becomes heightened. Gayanashagowa: The Great Law of Peace is a theatrical reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Au-déla de la Ville is a bilingual production based on the idea of a man living in Montreal who is stuck in the middle of the chaos that is living in a big city. Shakespeare's Hamlet will be presented as a one-man show for 11 shows during the festival. Toronto's Raoul Bhaneja will play 17 different parts during this 2 hour production. The final show, The Cremator is a political tale that will feature 10 actors in a boxing ring.

Additional Information:
-Plays: Last Call – August 22 – September 2, 2006 @ Monument National
Gross Indecency; The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde – August 22 – September 2,
2006 @ Mainline Theatre
Gayanashagowa: The Great Law of Peace – August 15 – 26, 2006 @ Monument
Au-déla de la Ville – August 16 – 26, 2006 @ Monument National
Hamlet (solo) – August 29 – September 9, 2006 @ Theatre Ste. Catherine
The Cremator – August 30 – September 9, 2006 @ Theatre Calixa-Lavallée
-Tickets: (514) 540-0774 or at (for shows not at Monument National)
-Ticket Prices: Gayanashagowa: $21-$24
Au-déla de la Ville: $15-$18
Gross Indecency ; The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde : $18-$21
Last Call: $12-$15
Hamlet: $15-$18
-Venues: Monument National: 1182 St. Laurent
Mainline Theatre: 3997 St. Laurent
Theatre Calixa-Lavallée: Parc Lafontaine
Theatre Ste. Catherine : 264 Ste. Catherine East

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