A balloon ride to the heavens

Floating up into the heavens above signifies something most of us only hope for once we meet our maker. However, I floated up into the great big blue and I'm here to gloat about it. The hours preceding a flight are always a bit nerve wrecking…will the balloons go up Continue Reading

Hot air ballooning is in the D.N.A

Daniel Davignon piloted his balloon DD Balloon on Sunday while I was his euphoric passenger. I met Daniel's wife and three daughters before and after the flight. His family is a major component of his chase crew (the vans that pursue the hot air balloons while they're in the air Continue Reading

Lubo Alexandrov

Is there no end to the number of Montreal-based musicians who are recording? The city seems to have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to musicians. We cannot completely claim guitarist/composer/singer Lubo Alexandrov as one of our own as he was born in Bulgaria, but he now lives and Continue Reading

Johnny Truant

When you think of heavy metal music and bands your mind does not automatically turn towards England as a haven for this genre. Johnny Truant is a British metal quartet who are trying their darndest to change that type of thinking. They have toured extensively and continuously gaining them a Continue Reading