Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais might not be a household name to most, but he is a successful Quebec composer who has worked on the soundtracks for three films (Microcosmos, Himalaya, Les Choristes) before this one. La Planète Blanche is a documentary film by French film makers Thierry Ragobert and Thierry Piantanida which deals with the threatened ecosystem of the Arctic. Bruno Coulais beautiful instrumentation is accompanied vocally by Choeurs Mikrocosmos, Quebec singer/cellist Jorane and Inuit film maker/vocalist Elisapie Isaac. The talented composer certainly has a knack for capturing the essence of a film in music. Like the Arctic itself the score is vast sounding and yet slightly empty…if you catch my drift. The angelic voice of Jorane is perfect for this type of score and Elisapie Isaac lends some integrity and authenticity to it.

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