The Jayne Mansfield Collection

Jayne Mansfield is another blonde and beautiful actress in the 1950s that made a successful career out of playing the dumb blonde. Though she was never as popular as Marilyn Monroe, but who was, she brought a unique type of energy, sweetness, beauty, and campiness to all her films. "The Girl Can't Help It" and "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter" are two of Mansfield's comedic classics whereas "The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw" is a lesser known film.

The Girl Can't Help It
Director: Frank Tashlin
Fatso Murdoch (Edmond O'Brien – The Wild Bunch, Birdman of Alcatraz) is a loudmouth gangster who has seen better times. He hires a press agent, Tom Miller (Tom Ewell – The Seven Year Itch, State Fair), who happens to be an alcoholic, to make his girlfriend, Jerri (Jayne Mansfield), a singing star. To make is harder tells that he only has 6 weeks to make it happen. This is all fine and dandy until Tom finds out that Jerri has no real singing talent. What is he going to do now? To complicate matters even more Tom and Jerri fall in love. A film that is full of music, including Julie London singing "Cry Me A River" and early performances by Fats Domino, Gene Vincent, The Platters, and Little Richard.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
Director: Frank Tashlin
In a film that made fun of the television advertising industry, Rockwell Hunter (Tony Randall – Down With Love, Let's Make Love) is an entry-level employee at the ad company that he works for. Things for Hunter look up when he convinces famous actress Rita Marlowe (Jayne Mansfield) to be the spokesperson for Stay-Put lipstick. The only hitch, and this is where things start becoming difficult for Hunter, is that he has to pretend to be Marlowe's boyfriend which does not please his own fiancée, Jenny (Betsy Drake – Dancing in the Dark).

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
Director: Raoul Walsh
Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More – The Longest Day, Scrooge), an English gentleman, is traveling in a stagecoach through the West when it is attacked by Indians. Tibbs ends up accidentally saving the stagecoach. When the stagecoach makes its next stop in the rough-and-tumble town of Fractured Jaw the story of his rescue gets around and he is named sheriff of the town.

Special Features:
– A&E Biography episode "Jayne Mansfield: Blonde Ambition
-Fox Movietone News footage "Nation's Capital Scene of Texan Get-Together"
-Still galleries
-Original theatrical trailers
-Exclusive collection of postcard-size lobby card reproductions

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