Be Still

This how-to style DVD shows the viewer how to perform contemplative or 'listening' prayer as a way to find peace in this chaotic modern world. It features interviews with leading Christian authors, ministers and educators. They stress the importance, even in this fast-paced world, of keeping in touch with yourself, your family and God. The method stresses silence and solitude. Only in silence and reflection can you discover what God wants for you. There is a "how-to" section, which demonstrates how contemplative prayer is a necessary tool to return to a simpler life and show what is really important. You will learn to relax, connect and construct a stronger tie to others and God. The history, value and power of prayer from a cross-denominational perspective are presented. As a viewer you are given tools for your everyday life that will improve your communication with God and others.

The focus of the DVD, as must be obvious, is God and prayer. If you are not interested in either do not pick it up. It might be helpful for Christians who want to make God part of their everyday lives and not just on Sundays. The DVD can be used alone or in small groups.

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