NYPD Blue – Season 04

With this long running series we get to feel like we know what it is like to a detective in New York City. We learn the language, see the types of crimes, are shown different interviewing strategies, and we get to feel like we know everything about the lives of the different detectives. We are practically members of the squad. NYPD Blue was a success because it managed to mingle in just the right amount of showing the personal lives of the detectives (not too much and not too little) while allowing the focus to remain on the cases they investigate. There are stories that run over several episodes (Diane going undercover, Abby asking Greg for some sperm, etc.), but it is the type of series that you can come into midway and still not be terribly lost. The themes this season are Sipowicz dealing with the birth of his son, Diane and Simone working out their relationship, a new female detective named Kirkendall joining the squad, and Medavoy debating whether to become a surrogate father. The series benefits from great acting (Dennis Franz, Jimmy Smits, Kim Delaney) and fast-paced interesting scripts.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Moby Greg: Sipowicz freezes during a shooting because he was afraid to die. Bobby proposes to Diane.

Episode 2: Thick Stu: Simone and Sipowicz investigate a missing persons case where a father claims his infant daughter was snatched. Martinez becomes the squads delegate.

Episode 3: Yes, We Have No Cannolis: There is a murder in the apartment building that Simone has inherited. Sipowicz and Simone reopen a robbery case when they suspect that the wrong man went to jail.

Episode 4: Where's Swaldo?: Simone and Sipowicz investigate the shooting of two men in their car. Medavoy and Martinez are assigned a shooting at Bodega in which they think there is more than meets the eye.

Episode 5: Where'd the Van Gogh?: New delegate Martinez's first case involves an officer who seems to have two wives. Russell's sobriety is challenged while she is working undercover.

Episode 6: Yes Sir, That's My Baby: New detective, Jill Kirkendall, starts work with the squad. Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of an ex-fireman who was now working as a chauffeur.

Disc Two:
Episode 7: Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure: Sipowicz gets worried when a mentally challenged man he previously arrested shows up at the station. Simone and Sipowicz try to get to the bottom of a case where a mother claims her daughter was raped.

Episode 8: Unembraceable You: A young boy named Maceo who is arrested for drug possession is helped by Lieutenant Fancy. Simone and Sipowicz investigate a shooting.

Episode 9: Caulkmanship: Russell believes that she was drugged while working undercover. The detectives get no help from the neighbours while investigating two murders.

Episode 10: My Wild Irish Nose: After raiding an apartment Medavoy and Martinez find druggies bidding on a man's possessions. Simone goes after the man who drugged Russell.

Episode 11: Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore: Simone and Sipowicz try to locate $14 million in missing jewels. Martinez, Medavoy and Russell investigate when Gina is knifed and almost raped.

Episode 12: Upstairs, Downstairs: The other officers in the precinct are not happy with Simone and Sipowicz when they investigate a double-homicide case involving an off-duty officer.

Disc Three:
Episode 13: Tom and Geri: A case of autoerotic asphyxia is assigned to Russell and Kirkendall. Simone and Sipowicz are given a murder which involves two different labour coalitions.

Episode 14: A Remington Original: All detectives in the precinct investigate two separate murders where the bodies were dumped in two different locations.

Episode 15: Taillight's Last Gleaming: Fancy and his wife are pulled over by a racist cop due to a burnt out taillight. Sipowicz has some weird dreams about Andy Jr.

Episode 16: What a Dump!: A garbage man finds the body of a woman and Simone and Sipowicz take on the case. Gang-related shootings occupy the time of Russell, Martinez and Medavoy.

Episode 17: A Wrenching Experience: Kirkendall and Russell question a baby sitter who might have shaken a baby to death. The rest of the detectives look into the shootings of a car repair shop owner and a gang member.

Episode 18: I Love Lucy: Kirkendall attempts to help a friend kick an addiction. Simone and Sipowicz investigate the death of a drag queen.

Disc Four:
Episode 19: Bad Rap: Abby wants Medavoy to donate his sperm to her girlfriend. A rap star is shot and Sipowicz and Simone investigate.

Episode 20: Emission Impossible: Russell investigates when a wife accuses her husband of raping their young daughter. Medavoy seem ready to give his sperm to Abby.

Episode 21: Is Paris Burning?: Simone becomes involved with the FBI on an undercover case which causes problems for him with internal affairs. A drunken officer hijacks and then crashes a city bus.

Episode 22: A Draining Experience: Simone's career is jeopardized by his FBI undercover case. Russell and Sipowicz look into a murder where the victim had drain cleaner poured down their throat.

Special Features:
-"In With the New" featurette
-"Through the Lens: The Look of Blues" featurette

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