The Proud Ones

A quiet Kansas frontier town called Flat Rock changes when a pack of ruthless gunmen invade it. Corrupt saloon owner, Honest John Barrett (Robert Middleton – The Great Imposter, Love Me Tender) invites all sorts of shady characters into town figuring he can make more money this way. Marshall Cass Silver (The Tall Men, The Longest Day) realizes it is up to him to take care of this problem. He thinks this even though he has been wrongly run out of town accused unfairly an unlawful death. He knows his only chance against this gang is to have the help of talented gunslinger, Thad Anderson (Jeffrey Hunter – Dreamboat). The only problem is that Thad believes that Silver killed his father and is secretly waiting for an opportunity to avenge that death. Thad, as he spends more time with Silver he begins to really respect him and he is conflicted about what to do.

This is an old fashioned Western with typical Western themes. Honesty, courage, honour, pride, and friendship are examined in The Proud Ones. It has all the requirements needed for a decent Western in that the soundtrack is great, the acting is good and the story is interesting. Director Robert D. Webb (Love Me Tender) has done a good job making us believe that the characters of Silver and Thad have reasons to behave the way they do. This is easier said than done. We truly leave the film wondering how far we each would go to defend our honour and good name.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer
-Fox Flix: trailers for The Culpepper Cattle Co., The Tall Men and Yellow Sky