Bruce Cockburn

Social activist Bruce Cockburn has been making music for around 40 years and 29 albums later he still has plenty to say musically and brings an obvious passion to what he is doing. His integrity and musicianship, it is often overlooked what a good guitarist he is, is obviously well-respected by his peers in that Ani DiFranco, Ron Sexsmith, Dahmnait Doyle, and Hawksley Workman have all put in guest appearances on the album. Not a shabby lot, I'd say. Cockburn's music still contains some biting political commentary, environmental awareness and plenty of anti-Bush sentiment. Though it does for the most part sound exactly like a Bruce Cockburn album there are some new twists such as a large orchestra playing on several tracks. The album does have its moments of different music genres like jazz, folk and worldbeat, but it also shows that even after this many years and albums Bruce Cockburn is still interested in exploring and experimenting with his music.

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