On the Last Day

On the Last Day is another hard rock band from Seattle, Washington. Sound familiar? Seattle seems to have evolved from the birthplace of grunge to becoming birthplace to several cutting edge underground type hard rock bands. The five band members all look the part, with their black eyeliner along with their black half covering their faces hairstyles and all black clothes, of an independent hardcore band. They want the world to know that they are non-conformists. Well, they all have kinda conformed to one another, which is not very 'independent', but this is a good attribute to have in a band. The lyrics of the music are dark to match their attire and hair colour. In this case it is not a bad thing because they mesh perfectly with the guitar and bass playing styles of the band. Everything is raw, in your face and challenging. The boys in the band are angry and they don't seem about to apologize for it.

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