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It is odd to hear songs sung by other voices than the one distinctive one you have come to associate these songs with, but they say that growth is in evolution, so evolving I will go. This is the soundtrack that accompanied the film released earlier this year of the Continue Reading


Do you remember the original line-up of Destiny's Child before Michelle joined Beyonce and Kelly? LeToya Luckett was one of the members to get the boot or as some sources claim, she was the one who left. There were so many rumors surrounding their split but that's all in the Continue Reading


The group Jurassic-5 consists of some really talented artists named Akil, NuMark, Chali 2na, Mark7 and Soup. These guys have an underground rap and hip-hop style, which is actually quite cool. They hooked up in 1993 at a Los Angeles based café. The members were part of two different groups Continue Reading