The group Jurassic-5 consists of some really talented artists named Akil, NuMark, Chali 2na, Mark7 and Soup. These guys have an underground rap and hip-hop style, which is actually quite cool. They hooked up in 1993 at a Los Angeles based café. The members were part of two different groups at that time, but after a collaboration, they got together and were praised by critics. The album begins with the cool vibe of "Back 4 U." This track is followed by the smooth lyrical flow on "Radio." "Gotta Understand" is catchy, as is "In The House." The Dave Matthews Band teams up with Jurassic-5 on "Work It Out." "Future Sound" will have you bobbin' your head to the beat. "Canto De Ossanha," a Latin flavored composition ends off the album on a memorable note. Overall, this album is good but it has a similar sound throughout though. Check it out.

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