Acclaimed singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams is one of those unique artists that stands out from the crowd. His experimentation with various music genres, makes for some interesting listening to say the least. Having produced cuts for top artists such as Justin Timberlake, and Snoop Dogg, Pharrell has been quite busy these days. It has been announced that he will be the new face for an upcoming ad campaign for Louis Vuitton but for now he is busy promoting his latest album entitled "In My Mind". The talented Gwen Stefani joins Pharrell in the opening track "Can I Have It Like That," which features a hypnotic musical backdrop. "That Girl" featuring Snoop has a cool flow. "Raspy Shit" and "Keep It Playa" featuring Slim Thug are disappointing. "Show You How To Hustle" featuring Lauren is average fare. The best track by far is Pharrell's collaboration with Grammy winning artist Kanye West entitled "Number One." I would say that the songs on this album are hit and miss. While Pharrell definitely offers up unique backdrops, the lyrics and flow of some of the songs are missing something. Other featured artists include Jay Z, Pusha T and Nelly.

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