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It is odd to hear songs sung by other voices than the one distinctive one you have come to associate these songs with, but they say that growth is in evolution, so evolving I will go. This is the soundtrack that accompanied the film released earlier this year of the same title. The soundtrack and film started off as a tribute concert devoted to the repertoire of the singer/writer/poet Leonard Cohen, a man whose works have influenced many generations of musicians. Those appearing at the tribute range from the Wainwrights (Rufus and Martha) to Nick Cave to Beth Orton and finally U2. There are a number of standout performances on the album, including Rufus Wainwright's version of "Everybody Knows", Antony's "If It Be Your Will" and Perla Batalla's "Bird on a Wire". Unfortunately there are also a number of flat or uninspired versions. It is certainly interesting to hear Cohen's wonderful lyrics come out of other mouths.

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