The Last Wagon

Despite the good acting and interesting story of the film the ending kinda ruined it for me. I can suspend my belief only so much. However, if you are a fan of Westerns this film should be an entertaining one for you. Character actor Richard Widmark turns in another good performance as does child actor Tommy Rettig. One of the traditional themes of Westerns rears its head during this film – the notion that the law is second to what is just. Courtesy of director Delmer Daves (Youngblood Hawke) there is wonderful scenery in the film as it was shot on location in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. He also makes the film not a typical Western in that he delves into the psyches of each of his characters and why they behave the way that they do.

Comanche Todd (Richard Widmark – Murder on the Orient Express, The Alamo) is a white man who was raised by Comanche Indians. His wife and children were killed by white men and he took revenge on them by killing them. He is being hunted for these three 'murders'. Finally he is captured by Sheriff Bull Harper (George Matthews – Heller in Pink Tights, The Proud Ones), who meets up with a wagon caravan and decides to travel with them on the way to claim his reward for the capture of Comanche Todd. The members of the caravan are not happy about how cruelly the sheriff is treated Comanche Todd and they let him know. While the youngsters are off swimming the caravan is attacked by Apache Indians and most are killed. Comanche Todd, who is chained to a wagon wheel, is tossed over a cliff and left for dead. Once the youngsters come back they realize that all of the adults have been killed except for two women, Jenny (Felicia Farr – Kiss Me, Stupid) and Jolie (Susan Kohner – Imitation of Life), and Comanche Todd. Once they free Comanche Todd he leads them out of the dangerous Indian territory. On their way out they come across a platoon and Comanche Todd manages to save them as well. Comanche Todd becomes a surrogate father for Billy (Tommy Rettig – from the television series 'Lassie'). He begins to realize that he is still being hunted for the murders and if he stays with the survivors then there is a higher chance of him being caught. Comanche Todd is caught in a moral dilemma.

Special Features:
-Production stills gallery
-Poster and one sheets gallery
-Behind the scenes gallery
-Theatrical trailer
-Fox Flix: trailers for The Proud One, 100 Rifles and Two Flags West

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