Some Kind of Wonderful

Everyone who was around and in their teens during the 1980s remembers with fondness the teenage flicks of director/writer/producer John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club). John Hughes was able write films in a way that teenagers and adults alike found something in the film that we could relate to. Continue Reading

Bob Dylan

At the age of 65 and with 40 odd albums behind him Bob Dylan still records albums at a faster pace than musicians half his age. This is the third album for him that contains similar sounds and themes. Modern Times continues his work in the roots, country and blues Continue Reading

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hey, what's with the long periods (4 years) in between releases? And I should not even count their last release as it was a Greatest Hits package. Wouldn't it have made fans happier if this hugely popular band had released regular length albums but closer together? Apparently they wrote and Continue Reading