Bob Dylan

At the age of 65 and with 40 odd albums behind him Bob Dylan still records albums at a faster pace than musicians half his age. This is the third album for him that contains similar sounds and themes. Modern Times continues his work in the roots, country and blues area. What struck me right off about this album and the way it sounds is Dylan's voice. It is sounding better than I have ever heard it sound before. When I say better, I don't mean technically, Dylan's voice will always be Dylan's voice flaws and all. What I did notice is the passion and expressiveness of the voice. The master poet and storyteller is really 'into' this material and it comes out in his voice. What also stands out on the album is his ability to tell a story, which is nothing new. He is a master at that. Dylan refuses to compromise his art for commerciality. He is not worried about being radio friendly or creating songs specifically for radio play. The shortest of the songs on the album is nearly 5 minutes long and one is around 8 minutes long. The songs end when he has completed the story he has set out to tell and not before. Many of the songs on the album are of the down tempo variety, but they certainly aren't 'slow'. There are several ballads on the album that contain some of the most passionate and well-written lyrics of his career. And that my friends, is saying something!

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