Just My Luck

It's as though Ashley (Lindsey Lohan – Mean Girls, A Prairie Home Companion) was born under a lucky star as everything goes her way. If she walks outdoors it stops raining, if she needs a cab in downtown New York City one just appears, if she has nothing to do that evening suddenly a handsome and rich young man bumps into her in the elevator. You catch me drift, right? After getting a huge promotion at work and being put in charge of a large party for record mogul Damon Phillips (Faizon Love – Idlewild, Elf), on the night of the party she meets Jake (Chris Pine – The Princess Diaries 2, ), who is probably the most unlucky person in New York City. Jake is there posing as a dancer in order to try and get close to Phillips so he can slip him the demo of a band he manages. One thing leads to another, fireworks go off and they end up kissing. Immediately after the kiss their luck seems to swap as Jake can now do no wrong and Ashley's life becomes one miscue or disaster after another. After seeing a fortune teller, Ashley realizes that her luck was stolen from her by the guy she kissed at the party. She just has to find him and kiss him to get her luck back. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as the party was a masquerade ball and all Ashley knows is that she kissed one of the male dancers. Aided by her friends Maggie (Samaire Armstrong – from television's The O.C.) and Dana (Bree Turner – American Pie 2, The Wedding Planner), Ashley sets off on a search through New York City kissing all the men who were hired as dancers that evening.

I have to admit that although Lindsay Lohan seems to be a bit of a mess and often picks awful movies to star in I still find myself liking her as an actress. She has that 'it' thing about her that translates well onto the screen. In this film, her character utters the line " I want people to feel like anything can happen". Well, this might be the case for Lohan's personal life, but it is not exactly the case for the film. The film follows the romantic comedy formula like it was math. Even though Just My Luck, directed by Donald Petrie (Mystic Pizza, Grumpy Old Men), is completely predictable I still found it an enjoyable watch. I am sure that people paying to see it in the theatre were not too happy, but renting it I would not be opposed to. A film like this, and granted Hollywood seems to churn out about a dozen of them per year, relies on its humour and the likeability of the actors. There are definitely some funny parts to the film (not side splitting…I said funny), the two leads are attractive and work well together. The ending also redeems the likeability factor of the character of Ashley and gives those who love a happy ending something to look forward to. A warning to Lindsay: You cannot keep starring in these predictable Disney-style films. You will ruin what could be a bright career. Stick to picking films like "A Prairie Home Companion", which will teach you the craft of acting and have some substance to them. The public's patience will wear thin.

Special Features:
-Look of Luck featurette
-Deleted/extended scenes
-McFly Behind the Scenes featurette