Jeannie Ortega

R&B singer Jeannie Ortega recently released her debut album entitled "No Place Like Brooklyn," a blend of R&B, hip hop, pop and reggaeton. This album gets off to a good start with the infectious "Crowded" featuring Papoose. Kovas joins Jeannie on "Pay It," another notable tune, as is "So Done" and "Let Go." The rest of the songs come across as fillers and the album has a similar sound throughout. Her raspy voice may appeal to some listeners but not to others. Personally, I think her voice is more suited for the upbeat party tracks. In the more emotional slow paced tracks such as "Hear Me" and "What I Need," Ortega seems to have difficulty convincing the listener of what she is feeling through her vocals. A lot computerized sounds make the album sound generic. The lyrics lack substance and just a few songs are actually catchy.

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