Safe Men

Saying that this movie is quirky would an understatement. It is one of those films that you watch all the while thinking that the director, John Hamburg (Along Came Polly), must have been thinking "cult hit" while making it. There are many instances of subtle humour, witty dialogue, odd situations, and quirky characters in the film. Every character in the film is a loser, but the film does not poke fun at them, rather it is a kind of tribute to them. They are all not entirely successful in their lives or professions, but they forge ahead anyways. All this zaniness is pulled off because of the skill of the cast. They are completely believable in their roles as lovable losers. It is full of performers who were just on the cusp of breaking through to being Hollywood stars (Paul Giamatti, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Zahn, and Sam Rockwell).

Eddie (Steve Zahn – Happy, Texas, You've Got Mail) and Samuel (Sam Rockwell – The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) are a struggling music duo who are going nowhere. They are playing a bar filled with Polish senior citizens and are bombing. Frank (Mark Ruffalo – 13 Going on 30, Just Like Heaven) and Mitchell (Josh Pais – Phone Booth, A Beautiful Mind) are top notch safecrackers. Eddie and Samuel go to a bar one night and meet the odd Veal Chop (Paul Giamatti – Sideways, Cinderella Man). Veal Chop thinks they are the safecrackers, so he tells them a story about a rich old man he's nursing who has a safe with over $300,000 in it. Eddie and Samuel decide to break into the safe. Veal Chop finds them and knocks them out. They find out that Veal Chop works for Big Fat Bernie Gayle (Elf, The Postman Always Rings Twice), a Jewish mobster. Believing they are the safe men, Big Fat Bernie Gayle gives them one week to break into three safes of his choice or he will kill them.

Special Features:
-Tick – Director John Hamburg's student film
-Deleted scenes

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