Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters were one of the hottest bands last year with their debut album, Scissor Sisters. They are a band that epitomizes the word fun. The music they make is a very danceable blend of Elton John, The Bee Gees and ABBA. Everything they do is quite tongue-in-cheek and campy and the public loves it. It is fun to listen to musicians that don't take themselves too seriously! They have mined the past for any type of music that is fun and upbeat and reinvented/incorporated it into their own sound. Don't write them off as simply as all fluff and no substance band; they demonstrate their genius with instrumentation (using many different types from organs to synthesizers), arrangement and lyric writing on the album. There is definitely some talent under all that fun! If this album does not have you dancing the night away you need help!!

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