The Black Swan

With it sounding like politics have not changed in hundreds of years, reformed pirate Captain Henry Morgan (Laird Cregar – This Gun For Hire) is named the governor of Jamaica. Morgan gets some of the men he used to run with to help him, namely a former pirate trying to now walk the straight and narrow, Jamie Boy (Tyrone Power – Witness for the Prosecution, The Mark of Zorro). Jamie Boy is to eliminate the area of all pirates and in doing so he stumbles upon Lady Margaret (Maureen O'Hara – The Quiet Man, Miracle on 34th Street), a beautiful woman with a quick temper. He is instantly smitten with her and feeling he has no other option due to her refusal to have anything to do with him, Jamie Boy kidnaps her. Unfortunately for Jamie Boy Lady Margaret is the daughter of the former corrupt governor, Lord Denby (George Zucco – My Favorite Blonde, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), and he will fight to get her back. Jamie Boy ends up joining with the rebels and engaging in the fight of his life.

If you are a fan of good 'ole swashbucklers then step right up and rent or buy this film. The Black Swan has all the ingredients of a good pirate flick. There's a handsome hero, a damsel in distress, ship battles, an evil bad guy, sword fights, and adventures on the high seas. Other than Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power was one of the premiere swordsmen onscreen of his era. He could use a foil like it was nobody's business and he was handsome to look at to boot! The twinkle in his eye and his devilish charm really translated well to screen and he was the type of bad boy that women loved. The film also won an Oscar for Visual Effects and as such is quite nice, even by today's standards, to watch. Each of the swordfights and on ship battles is full of action and eye candy. Director Henry King's (Tender is the Night, The Sun Also Rises) film is full of all the fun and swashbuckling that you could want.

Special Features:
-Restoration comparison
-Fox Flix: trailers for A High Wind in Jamaica, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Pirates of Tortuga, and Prince Valiant

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