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When a movie is released that stars two of the biggest television stars of the moment, Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Langoria, your expectations go up. While watching the film those expectations were shattered. It became very clear that no matter how likeable, able and hot an actor/actress is if they star in a poor film even they cannot rescue it. We cannot really blame Langoria as she is merely in the film as window dressing. She looks good, but really has no impact on the plot and has very few scenes. What went through my mind while watching the film is "Why, Kiefer, why?" Did he read the script and think that it had potential? Why would he choose as his first post-24 movie one in which he plays a Special Agent again? I do not have the answers to these questions, but I do have my opinions about the end product. The story, though it has all kinds of potential, is weak. Director Clark Johnson (S.W.A.T.) knowing that you have to keep action/thriller films moving at a good pace does so, but at times the answers seem to come too easily. There is no chance for tension or intrigue because it moves along so quickly. Holes in the story begin to surface because of this or the fact that certain things are introduced then dropped just as quickly. Also the perpetrator is easy to pick out because they introduce so few characters; you know from the beginning who the traitor is going to turn out to be. Where's the fun in that, I ask. Michael Douglas is steady as the lead, but for me he is getting a little long in the tooth to play this kind of role. In several of his action/running scenes it seems as if he might have a heart attack due to the exertion. Bottom line there is nothing new or original (didn't the film "In The Line of Fire" have almost the same story?) in this film and because of the hyper pacing the tension is never really allowed to build up as the film goes on. Due to the star power of the film I was disappointed with the outcome.

There has never in over 100 years been a traitor in the Secret Service…well, there's a first time for everything they say. Unfortunately for wily veteran Agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas – The Jewel of the Nile, Wall Street) all the evidence points to him as the perpetrator of an assassination plot against U.S. President Ballentine (David Rasche – United 93, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood). Garrison is a well-respected agent who has spent most of his adult life protecting Presidents; he even saved Reagan's life during an attempted assassination. Once a conspiracy finds Garrison as the man being set up he has to go on the run to try and prove his innocence due to the fact that not everything about him can come out as he is having an affair with the President's wife, Sarah Ballentine (Kim Basinger – Cellular, L.A. Confidential). The relentless Special Agent David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland – from television's 24) and his new rookie partner, Jill Marin (Eva Langoria – from television's Desperate Housewives), are assigned to locate and arrest Garrison. Garrison has to stay one step ahead of the agents while also trying to figure out who is trying to kill the President before it is too late.

Special Features:
-Deleted scene
-The Secret Service: Building On a Tradition of Excellence
-In the President's Shadow
-Theatrical trailer #1 and #2
-Trailers for Thank You For Smoking, Behind Enemy Lines 2, Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile, and 24: Season 4

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