Jesse McCartney

Teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney sings?? Oh yeah, I remember that song with the video at a beach something about a broken heart. What can't these kids do nowadays?! All joking aside, McCartney's target market is the same as fellow teen idols Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. And the competition is fierce for the disposable income of those 11 and 12 year-olds. McCartney tries to separate himself from the pack by feigning maturity on this album. He is older and wiser on the album. Most of the subject matter is still relationships, but there is somewhat of an older person's perspective on them. His sound is still definitely in the pop realm though there is a heavier rock sound to several of the tracks. The voice is decent but sometimes his falsetto makes the lyrics hard to understand. Picky, picky, aren't I!? Some things are just meant to be enjoyed at face value and I think Jesse McCartney's music is one of them.

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