Ludacris is one of the more popular Hip Hop artists in the music industry with numerous hit collaborations alongside artists such as Missy Elliott and Usher. He's also an accomplished actor with a notable performance in the award winning movie "Crash." His latest album is entitled "Release Therapy" with the first half of the album featuring songs like "Money Maker" featuring Pharrell, "Girls Gone Wild," "Ultimate Satisfaction" and End Of The Night" featuring Bobby Valentino. These are really sleazy tracks. No surprise there as much of his previous work has been sexually explicit so he has become predictable that way. The backdrops to these tunes are drab. The second half has the Atlanta native go off on an ego trip with "War With God" displaying lyrics such as "I'm the best and there is nothing you can do about it," telling listeners just how difficult it is to succeed in the Hip Hop industry. The talented Mary J. Blige collaborates on of the better tracks entitled "Runaway Love." After spending much of the album objectifying women, Ludacris all of a sudden has praise and respect for women on "Freedom Of Preach." Sounds a bit hypocrital, don't you think? It's too bad that Ludacris falls into the same category as practically every other hip hop artist out there. He is a skilled vocalist but just spins out the same old tired material on this album.

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