The Longest Day

June 6, 1944 was the most important single battle during the history of mankind. When the Allies stormed the beaches at Normandy, France everything hinged upon their victory. There were 3 million men involved in this one battle and directors Ken Annakin (Swiss Family Robinson), Andrew Marton (King Solomon's Mines) Continue Reading

The Summer Obsession

Though The Summer Obsession has recorded an EP previously this is their debut full-length studio album. Most of the music on the album is of the dance around your living room like no one is watching you variety. All the songs have some differences to them though the running theme Continue Reading

The Mooney Suzuki

Originally released in 1999, this EP was out of print and as a result rare. Obviously the new label (V2) thought that there was demand for it and hence the re-release. Their style of music has been non-categorized as R&B garage punk. "What?" You might wonder aloud after reading that. Continue Reading