The Mooney Suzuki

Originally released in 1999, this EP was out of print and as a result rare. Obviously the new label (V2) thought that there was demand for it and hence the re-release. Their style of music has been non-categorized as R&B garage punk. "What?" You might wonder aloud after reading that. You'll have a better understanding after listening to them. Formed originally in the late 90s and undergoing many line-up changes, The Mooney Suzukis have hung in there. They are a band that are fairly unknown considering they performed on such large tours as Lollapalooza, on such high profile shows as Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and Late Show with Conan O'Brien and wrote and performed the title song to the popular film "School of Rock". If you like the EP then keep your eyes and ears alert for a new full-length album being released early in the new year.

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