Magnum P.I. – The Complete Fifth Season

The wealthy and always absent Robin Masters has hired Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck – In & Out, Three Men and a Baby) as the head of security on his huge estate in Hawaii. Magnum is always butting heads with the very proper Jonathan Higgins (John Hillerman – History of the World: Part 1, Chinatown). On the side Magnum also runs a private investigator business. The cases he seems to get involved with are definitely not your run-of-the-mill type.

The popular series ran for 8 seasons and made a star of its leading man, Tom Selleck. Selleck's laid back rugged handsomeness was perfect for this character. It is a series which had romance, mystery, thrills, and comedy. Season five is a good quality one, but it does require some knowledge of the series in order to catch everything.

Episode 1: Echoes of the Mind, Part 1: Magnum gets mixed up with twins. One nice and one not so nice. Guest appearance by Sharon Stone.

Episode 2: Echoes of the Mind, Part 2: Continuation

Episode 3: Mac's Back: Magnum, while at a red light, spies his friend Mac (Jeff MacKay – All The President's Men). Not so unusual except that Mac died two years ago.

Episode 4: The Legacy of Garwood Huddle: An old friend of Higgins is helped by Magnum in order to get his grandson back who has been kidnapped.

Episode 5: Under World: T.C.'s (Roger E. Mosley – The Greatest, A Thin Line between Love and Hate) helicopter crashes into the ocean and he is in a coma.

Episode 6: Fragments: A psychic knows that murder is going to happen and Magnum helps try and prevent it.

Episode 7: Blind Justice: A case comes up that involves a tape recorder.

Episode 8: Murder 101: Magnum teaches a course on how to become a private investigator.

Episode 9: Tran Quoc Jones: An illegal immigrant asks Magnum to help him find his father.

Episode 10: Luthur Gillis – File #001: A Luthur Gillis (Eugene Roche – Executive Decision, When a Man Loves a Woman) episode.

Episode 11: Kiss of The Sabre: A fantasy episode where everyone plays someone else.

Episode 12: Little Games: Mistakenly Magnum assumes that the 'new' Mac is as good with computers as the 'old' one.

Episode 13: Professor Jonathan Higgins: The series' version of Pygmalion.

Episode 14: Compulsion: Magnum's friend Carol becomes the victim of an obsessed man and is kidnapped.

Episode 15: All Four One, Part 1: Magnum, Mac, Higgins, and T.C. travel to Cambodia to rescue someone.

Episode 16: All Four One, Part 2: Continuation of previous episode.

Episode 17: The Love For Sale Boat: Causing some problems is the new Mac due to the fact that he turns out to be a con artist.

Episode 18: Let Me Hear the Music: A country singer who had previously perished in a plane crash leads to Magnum trying to find 5 lost songs worth millions.

Episode 19: Ms. Jones: A clerk at the hall of records is now married but her husband has been kidnapped and she needs Magnum's help finding him.

Episode 20: The Man From Marseilles: A famous detective from France works together with Magnum to solve a case.

Episode 21: Torah Torah Torah: A Torah is stolen and Magnum teams up with a rabbi to try and find it.

Episode 22: A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken: In order to locate a teenage runaway, Magnum poses as an inmate.

Special Features:
– Bonus episode from Season 6: "The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u"

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