Bottoms Up

Owen Peadman (Jason Mewes-Clerks, Mallrats) travels from Minnesota to California with the intentions of winning a bartending contest so that he may use the prize money to save his fathers failing restaurant. Lisa Mancini (Paris Hilton-House of Wax) is the Hollywood "It" girl, with the perfect "It" boyfriend Hayden Field (Brian Hallisay). After losing the contest, Owen joins forces with his uncle Earl (David Keith-Daredevil) in the hopes of exposing celebrity secrets in exchange for big money. In an effort to extract their deepest darkest secrets, Owen becomes entangled in the lives of these Hollywood sweethearts.

If you indulge in any kind illicit recreational activities, do so before you rent this movie! I was truly hoping this was going to be one of those "so bad it's good" situations, but alas it is not even worth its weight in kitsch value. The movie makes an attempt at pulling back the curtain on Hollywood and exposing its hypocrisy, but really it's just some low budget vehicle for Hilton to depict how misunderstood she is. I will have to assume the writer/director of this movie is drinking buddies with Mewes and Kevin Smith (who has a small part) thus explaining how it got the green light. The one expectation you could have is that the outtakes would be hilarious, but no, this DVD has no special features.

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