Blind Faith – London Hyde Park 1969

The original supergroup was Blind Faith. Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker had just left Cream and keyboardist/vocalist Steve Winwood had left Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group. Only bass player Rick Grech was kinda unknown and even he came from the band Family. These four men came together on June 7, 1969 and played a legendary outdoor concert in front of 100,000 people in London's Hyde Park. The group had not gotten together much before they played this concert and this was their first live performance together.

Because of their previous successes with other bands the expectations for this group were huge. I'm sure many fans who attended that concert were disappointed with the fact that it was only 40 minutes long, but it is understandable as they had not been together all that long. On the plus side, the 40 minutes was comprised of ageless tunes. Watching this live footage makes you regret the fact that this band only recorded one album and you can't help but wonder what could have been if they had stayed together.

Though the film was shot with a shaky hand held camera many of the shots are interesting and the colours quite vivid. The cameraman also does an excellent job capturing cool crowd shots depicting the fans dancing around and generally enjoying the beautiful day.

Special Features:
-Spencer Davis Group: I'm A Man
-Traffic: Hole in My Shoe
-Cream: I'm So Glad
-Stills of Blind Faith/Well All Right
-Selected discographies
-Blind Faith genealogy

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