United 93

With the theatre release of this film about 9/11 began the debate about whether it was too soon to release a film about this tragic day. It also struck some as odd that it was not an American who was going to direct the film, but rather British director Paul Continue Reading


A beautiful young girl whose motto is "If men want to look at me why shouldn't they pay for it?" named Vicki Lynn (Jean Peters – Niagara, As Young As You Feel) comes to New York to find fame and fortune. Through flashbacks we see how quickly Vicki rose to Continue Reading

New Found Glory

Like most young bands full of young men most of the songs on this album (all except one, actually) are about love and women. Not exactly new territory lyrically, but then again hasn't love and a broken heart often produced some of the better works of art. Now I am Continue Reading

James Morrison

This debut album from Brit James Morrison did boffo business on the other side of the pond. Will he be as successful here? I don't smell a James Blunt myself. The music, though interesting, is not the type of pop that will appeal to the masses like Blunt's, plus he Continue Reading