A beautiful young girl whose motto is "If men want to look at me why shouldn't they pay for it?" named Vicki Lynn (Jean Peters – Niagara, As Young As You Feel) comes to New York to find fame and fortune. Through flashbacks we see how quickly Vicki rose to the top. Press agent Steve Christopher (Elliott Reid – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Heaven Can Wait) makes sure that Vicki is seen on the arm of important men, appears at all the in nightclubs and has her picture taken everywhere. Just as her career seems to be taking off Vicki is found murdered. Jill, Vicki's sister, found Steve standing over the body. Steve and Jill (Jeanne Crain – Cheaper By The Dozen, Pinky), are put through the wringer by Lieutenant Ed Cornell (Richard Boone – The Alamo, Ocean's Eleven). He questions them over and over about the murder. Cornell has many suspects in Vicki's murder, but for some reason seems to like Steve for the crime. He soon uncovers the romance going on between Jill and Steve. It begins to look like its personal between Cornell and Steve and that Steve will come out on the worse end of it. Jill and Steve try themselves to get to the bottom of what happened.

Another film noir from Fox which is a remake of the 1940s film, "I Wake Up Screaming". Though was only 11 years later when the second film came out much of the dialogue and cinematography is exactly the same as the first. It kinda stumps me as to what director Harry Horner (Beware, My Lovely) was trying to do with the film. The only difference is that fact that the first film was more of a mystery whereas this version is a tale of obsession which leads to more of a thriller.

Special Features:
-Still galleries
-Theatrical trailer
-Fox Noir: trailers for Bommerang, Fourteen Hours, House of Strangers, I Wake Up Screaming, Laura, and Where the Sidewalk Ends

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