Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's career has reached its 20th year mark. Overthe years, she has greatly influenced the music industry and has enjoyed much success. Her career has
not always been smooth sailing. She's experienced her share of scandals along the way, such as the heavily publicized "Super Bowl incident." Ms. Jackson'sboyfriend, Jermaine Dupri is credited as producer on her latest album, along with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. In the intro, she states that she has talked about racism, empowerment of women and such things in the past. Now she wants to keep it
light and have fun. Isn't that what she has been doing for the past few albums already? Gone are the days of meaningful music found on albums like "Rhythm Nation" and "Control." Janet is all about sensuality now and has been for quite some time. Practically this entire album is about "getting it on. " Songs like "So
Excited," "Show Me," "This Body"…well, the titles sayit all. "Call On Me" featuring Nelly is notable, as is"Enjoy." Some of the musical backdrops are catchy…but
lyrics…nothing new. If you like the sexy side of Janet, you'll probably enjoy this album. I think her music lacks substance and when practically all the songs are about the same topic, it gets kind of boring after a while.

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