Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks is one of the artists on 50 Cent's "G Unit" labels. He is also credited as producer on Bank's latest album entitled "Rotten Apple." The title track
features Prodigy and of course, 50 Cent, who lend his vocals to a few tracks on this album. This track sets the tone for what follows. It's about the gangsta
lifestyle which is all about the bling bling, cars, ho's, drugs, weapons and violence. Songs like "Survival," The Cake" and "Make A Move" stay true to
the Gangsta Rap formula. "Addicted" featuring the talented Musiq Soulchild is pretty good. "You Know The Deal," Get Clapped," and "Iceman" are dark and are not all that different then previous tracks. This album is average gangsta rap fare. Nothing out of the ordinary. Featured artists include Rakim, Tony Yayo, Scarface
and Mobb Deep.

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