Cinemania Film Festival

One of the most poignant and well-done films I saw last year premiered at the Cinemania Film Festival, "Va, Vis et Deviens". This festival, that is entirely dedicated to films in French, makes up in quality what it has lacked in size. Even the size, or lack thereof, is being Continue Reading

Billy Klippert

It seems like doing well on Canadian or American Idol is not a guarantee that your albums will do well. Though I have to admit that Klippert was not one of my favourites from the Canadian Idol, this his second album is a decent one. You have to give it Continue Reading

Vanessa Hudgens

Apparently Vanessa Hudgens is a big star on the Disney television show "High School Musical" and she has been hovering in that no mans land of being a teen idol and being a grown woman. Dangerous ground as many a teen idol who has tried to mature will tell her. Continue Reading