The Little Mermaid – 2-Disc Platinum Edition

Ariel (Jodi Benson – Toy Story 2, Flubber), like most young girls, itches to strike out on her own and gain some independence from her father, King Triton (Kenneth Mars – Citizen Ruth, Shadows and Fog). She would much rather live with human beings out of water. During a big storm, Ariel swims to the surface in order to save the life of Prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes – A Very Brady Sequel, American Dreamer). This really makes her want to live above the sea. Defying her father, Ariel goes to see Ursula (Pat Carroll – A Goofy Movie), the sea-witch, and they strike up a deal that will allow Ariel to live out of the sea. Ariel gives Ursula her voice and Ursula gives Ariel legs to walk on. In order to keep her legs Ariel has to be kissed by someone who truly loves her within a couple of days on dry land. Helped by Sebastian the crab (Samuel E. Wright – Dinosaur) and her best friend, Flounder (Jason Marin – Back to the Future, Rock-A-Doodle). Ariel sets off on her search for true love. Unbeknownst to Ariel, Ursula wants more out of her and King Triton than what they agreed upon. It becomes up to Ariel to later save her father's kingdom.

I remember when this Disney film came out 17 years ago that I thought that it was the best thing they had done in a long while. Watching it today it stills stands as the film that brought Disney back to the forefront of animated pictures. The story is a classic fairy tale loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson story. Directors Ron Clements (The Great Mouse Detective, Aladdin) and John Musker's (Hercules, Treasure Planet) film really captured the imagination of every young girl around the world; they all wanted to be a mermaid. It was a film that entertained those young and old and male and female; the sign of a true classic and the definition of a family film. The animation and the score are second to none with the bright colours and catchy songs that had been Disney's trademark. The song "Under the Sea" (go on, sing it as I know you know the words) even won an Oscar. When the film first came out on DVD it was gobbled up and the limited edition sold out quickly. Now we have the opportunity to own one of Disney's best so hurry up before they are all gone again.

Special Features:
-Little Mermaid III musical sneak peek
-Deleted scenes and alternate ending with filmmaker introduction
-New "Kiss The Girl" music video performed by Ashley Tisdale
-Treasures Untold: The Making of The Little Mermaid
-Storm Warning: The Little Mermaid Special Effects Unit
-The Story Behind the Story: featurette on author Hans Christian Anderson
-Exclusive short: The Little Match Girl
-Art galleries
-Early presentation reel
-"Silent is Golden" song demo
-Under The Sea Adventure: A Virtual Ride (based on an actual Disney Imagineering concept)
-Ride With Disney Imagineers
-Behind the Ride that Almost Was
-DisneyPedia: Life Under the Sea

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