Wow! Is this guy funky or what? He certainly knows how to make music that keeps your head bobbing and your toes tapping. I thought that after the success of his last album "Joyful Rebellion" and the infectious single "Crabbuckit" he would move away from that style of music, but thankfully he hasn't done much 'movin' out'. There is some maturation and genre exploration, but the music still is funky, positive and joyous. There is definitely an 80s vibe to the disc in sound and rap stylins' that k-os uses. This artist is adept at rapping and at trying other stuff as well as demonstrated in his tune with buddy and Montrealer Sam Roberts. It is a nice fusion of rock and R&B. The man could sell out and become a huge hip hop star but he continues on his own path of innovation and exploration. Congrats!

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