Chingy is back again with a new album entitled "Hoodstar." No different from his previous album "Jackpot." It's all about the bling bling, partying, pimpin', objectification of women and the list goes on. He presents these same old tired topics with club friendly backdrops. Rap and Hip Hop music are cool but what are guys like Chingy doing with it? They claim to be singing about what they know and have lived through. Actually, it comes across not so much as a sharing of experiences but more like heavy promotion of violence and materialism. After listening to the album, I only found a couple of tracks that were somewhat interesting. "Cadillac Door" featuring Midwest City is notable. The smooth vocals of Tyrese are an enjoyable listen on "Pullin' Me Back." That's pretty much it. Another artist with potential but such a worn out formula. Featured artists include Jermaine Dupri, Three 6 Mafia and Mannie Fresh.

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