Natalie Cole

It seems like this artist is always trying to replicate the success she had with "Unforgettable", but is never quite able to do it. There is no concrete explanation. She has all the tools and one of the most distinctive voices in modern day music. This album of covers (there is only one original tune on the album) demonstrates that she is not willing to stick to formulaic music in order to please the fans she does have. Cole is always looking to grow and mature as an artist despite the fact that she has been in the industry for several decades. Interesting choices of songs to cover such as Fiona Apple's "Criminal" and Neil Young's "Old Man" show that she is not just interested in making R&B music, but just wants to sing good songs – no matter the genre. Her voice allows her to make such stretches. It certainly is interesting to hear this familiar voice sing songs from unfamiliar, to her fans, genres.

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