There are those odd CDs that you really don't know what to say about. To say that this is a departure for Sting (or any artist, for that matter) or Sting like you've never heard him before is an understatement. We have heard him perform reggae music, jazz, pop, and rock but this album falls into none of those categories. The album is a tribute album of sorts in that Sting covers music by John Dowland, a lyricist who lived during the 17th century. Obviously this album is not going to one of those that appeal to a wide audience. Any album with a lute cannot be classified into the 'commercial' domain. The person who plays the lute on the album is Edin Karamazov. Besides singing, Sting also plays the lute on one track and reads excerpts from an autobiographical letter by Dowland. Ambitious to say the least is what can be said about the album. Anything else would be out of my range of expertise. The CD booklet will be of interest to fans of music of this period as it contains snippets written by Sting about how the album came to be and notes about each of the songs chosen.

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