The Seven-Ups

The Seven-Ups, who have been named after the minimum sentence for the criminals they hunt, are a specialized division of the New York City police force. They use violence or whatever means necessary to bring in those who they are hunting down. The leader of the force is Buddy Manucci (Roy Scheider – The French Connection, Klute) and his force find themselves in a spot of trouble when the criminals they are after are kidnapped by two heavies named, Moon (Richard Lynch – The Happy Hooker) and Bo (Bill Hickman – Patton, The Love Bug), who have posed a cops. Bo and Moon hold the criminals for ransom. The problem for the Seven-Ups crops up when they are thought to be a part of the kidnapping and one of Buddy's men is killed. Buddy is mad and he ain't gonna take it. He starts investigating, finds out who the kidnappers are and like a dog with a bone won't let them go.

Interestingly enough this film is based upon real events so we cannot claim that it is out there or not realistic. Director Philip D'Antoni (only film) has really made the effort to make everything about the film seem authentic. From the language used to the gritty cinematography everything about the film makes the viewer feel as if they are watching actual events. The story shapes up in the first 30 minutes of the film and the rest of the time is occupied with Buddy and his boys chasing the bad guys. Up until recently (and I'm sure that some would argue that it is still true) the car chase in the film was considered to be one of the best ever filmed. There are several lulls in the film, but just as this occurs the action picks right up. This film, for its day, was right up there with The French Connection in regards to cop films.

Special Features:
-Theatrical teaser
-Theatrical trailer

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