House of the Damned

Scott Campbell (Ron Foster – Legal Eagles, The Money Pit) is an architect who is looking for work. A friend, Joseph Schiller (Richard Crane – Flying Tigers, In The Navy), calls him up with what seems like an ideal job offer. Scott is to check over an old castle in the California hillside to see if it is still livable and what can be done with it. Using the opportunity for a romantic getaway, Scott brings along his wife, Nancy (Merry Anders – Airport, How to Marry a Millionaire), and they are to join Joseph and his wife, Loy (Erika Peters – G.I. Blues) for a few days. Soon after Scott and Nancy arrive strange things begin to happen and their nerves are on edge. Loy arrives without Joseph stating that he will only be joining them later. After his arrival, Loy and he get into an argument and she disappears. The already on edge group becomes really concerned and the occurrence of strange events multiplies. The romantic getaway becomes a nightmare.

If you are a fan of 'B' films then this one might appeal to you. It comes included with circus freaks, an over-the-top script and scary empty castles. The tension is definitely built up effectively by director Maury Dexter (Hell's Belles) throughout the picture though it is obviously that he is making the whole picture on a shoestring budget. You can watch this film and impress your film buff friends because for sure they have not seen it.

Special Features:
-Theatrical trailer
-Poster gallery

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